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Country of origin: unknown
Fighting style: Viking style dual sword & axe
Date of birth: unknown (permanently forty years old)
Height: 172.2 meters
Weight: 40 kg
Eye colour: blue
Blood type: plasma, can be transfused to 0-
Occupation: Devil of Nightmares
Hobby: boxing
Likes: comedy
Dislikes: reading
Sexuality: straight
Voice resemblance: Conrad "Cronos" Lant
Known aliases: Devil of Nightmares (official title), real name unknown

  Lord Phantom is a tall, hairy man with wild, red hair and accompanying beard, powerfully built. He has a deep wound in the back, like having been struck with an axe.

Detailed face description:
Hair: long and red
Ears: small with barely any lobe
Eyebrows: large and bushy
Eyes: blue
Nose: squat like a potato
Mouth: barely visible behind hair
Facial shape: like a dwarf's (fantasy style not little person)
Neck: barely
Skin: weather-worn and tanned
Oddities: has a deep wound on his back, like having been struck with an axe
Expression: determined, resolute, haughty

  He wears brown leather boots made from hide, green pants of wool held up with a drawstring, a blue jacket of wool, a three-quarter beige coat on top, iron chainmail and a wooden helmet reinforced with iron bands.

  A man that has experienced bitter loses and dire betrayal, he refuses to let anyone get close to him. He keeps a personal distance from his work and his actual personality is hard to decipher. He comes off, however, as tough, uncompromising and inflexible, patiently relaying communication and never raising his voice. Though a fierce warrior, this old wolf prefers to command others in battle rather than participate in it actively. He cares deeply for his men but has no love for monsters or the rest of the other world.

A sword at his left hip and a battleaxe at his right.

 Lord Phantom is made from a plasma-like substance that is yellow of colour and mercury-like of substance. This makes him semi-immortal and virtually impervious to physical violence. Beating him and shooting him will slowly whittle down his stamina. Any normal weapons that penetrate his skin will melt (therefore it's smarter to use blunt rather than sharp against him.) As Lord Phantom keeps getting damaged, the plasma will transform to blood. Electricity in particular can speed up this process as can magical weapons (which wouldn't melt in contact with his plasma.) Killing him will only make him re-spawn back in Hell.
  He can create monsters from nightmares. They are only made of a purplish gas but appear real enough to frighten people, and the more you believe in them the more power they get. A single nightmare beast can tear a small city apart, fuelled by the nightmares and fears of the inhabitants.
  This also enables him to appear anywhere at any time as a gas replica. He projects himself to others as the Devil's messenger and is rarely seen in person. Maybe the real Lord Phantom looks completely different?
  Specific for Lord Phantom is his weakness to silver, and even mortal weapons made of this material can hurt him. This weakness is also carried over to his monsters.
Pictures: [link]

I couldn't make his blue shirt visible through the coat and beard, and the chain mail was a tad too difficult to make. By the way, isn't beige a very white colour?

If you like my oc's, you can find more in the enclosed link: [link]
martincrossbow Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Beige is a sand brown colour... Apart from that, this looks good :D
PeaceLovingMadman Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you ^^,
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