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Country of origin: USA, New York, New York City
Fighting style: fatiguing
Age: 23/07/2000 (looks permanently in his forties)
Height: 1.80 meter
Weight: uncertain
Eye colour: none
Blood type: some sort of plasma, can be transfused to 0-
Occupation: shadow bounty hunter
Hobby: collecting old cars
Likes: stuff from before the war, justice
Dislikes: car wrecks, injustice
Sexuality: bi
Voice approximation: Ronnie James Dio with Brooklyn accent
Known aliases: The Hammer (title), The Bludgeoner (unknown vigilante)

  John is a tall man with pale skin and black hair reaching down 3/8 of his back. His hair is at ALL times combed back into a ponytail. John has no eyes, only the lids, and can be quite picky about this fact.

Detailed face description:
Hair: black and reaches about 3/8 down the back, always neatly combed back and tied into a ponytail
Ears: rather small with no lobe
Eyebrows: slick and thick
Eyes: non-existent
Nose: rather small and long
Mouth: barely any lips
Facial shape: thin and sharp, but not gaunt in any way
Neck: middle-length, rather normal
Skin: pale and smooth
Oddities: no eyes; his sockets are empty and dark
Expression: placid, almost melancholic

Volume 1
  A pair of brown boots with Velcro, light-blue jeans, a white shirt under a black trench coat he never closes (regardless of the weather), an impenetrable pair of shades, a silvery crucifix and a necklace with a red rectangle with a plastic cover. John wears this for and on all occasions. His coat keeps plastic tubes by the right hip on the inside, a gun pocket by the left on the outside and a pocket by the left breast on the inside for his spare shades.
Volume 2
  Same, sans the necklace.
2.5 episodes 1-17
  Same, sans the necklace and crucifix.
From 2.5 onwards
  Lacquered black shoes, a black zoot suit with purple pinstripes; wide pants that narrows by the ankles, a long coat with wide shoulders, a visible white shirt and a black, wide-brimmed hat with a red feather stuck inside a purple band. The equipment dispersal remains the same.

  Sardonic, immoral, impassive, goal-focused and protective.
  John is used to the role as hunter but often bites off more than he can swallow so the table quickly turns. Single-minded and vigilant, he deals out his own justice often dictated by his visions of God. He is a straight-forward man that always dishes out the truth and is physically incapable of swearing.
  He can come off as detached as he talks and smiles little. However, John can be surprisingly charismatic and bitterly sarcastic if he wills it. He is of a rational mind with passions running deep; his feelings (if strong enough) can blind him. In other words, John can become quite fierce when strong emotions are present. This also means that John’s sexual appetite and taste can be very... exotic.
  He is nostalgic and prefers old technology unless otherwise impractical. He used to have a cell phone until he destroyed too many for Lawrence to sponsor.
  Unlike his siblings, he has never made an effort to become human. He interprets pain and pleasure without instinctively reacting on them. This enables John, for example, to use his arms as shields and torches with no short-term effects (see more under powers.) This is also part of his unique style of fighting: letting the opponent tire themselves out hitting him before reacting.
  John’s motivation is boredom. A man who is halfway a god in his own rights will seek challenges everywhere, uncaring for even his personal safety.

  John’s preferred weapon is a Colt Python 357 made from hard plastic. This weapon has no trigger and as such can only be utilised by John. The gun reaps his energy and transforms it into various projectiles. The setting can be adjusted with a flick of the drum. Starting from the weakest the strongest, the six settings are:
1: toxic (a fine gas that shut down the nervous system)
2: tracking (a heavy mist that lights up at certain frequencies)
3: paralysis (for temporary immobilisation of enemies)
4: machine gun (rapid-fire dumdum projectiles)
5: penetrative (flesh, bone, metals, stones and most other hard surfaces)
6: explosive (detonates on impact for massive destruction)
  His ceremonial weapon as a shadow bounty hunter is a sledgehammer called “The Hammer of Justice,” written in gilded letters down the handle. The handle is almost as long as John and made from long, glass-reinforced plastic coated in fire-retardant paint to make it look like mahogany wood. The head is made almost solidly from silver and weighs about ten kilograms.

  John is made from a plasma-like substance that is yellow of colour and mercury-like of substance. This makes him semi-immortal and virtually impervious to physical violence. Beating him and shooting him will slowly whittle down his stamina, a factor he rarely calculates into his plans. Any normal weapons that penetrate his skin will melt (therefore it’s smarter to use blunt rather than sharp against him.) As John keeps getting damaged, the plasma will transform to blood. Electricity in particular can speed up this process as can magical weapons (which wouldn’t melt in contact with his plasma.)
  This plasma can also be used to form a powerful beam of energy. Releasing it all at once is painful and he can only do three of them in a row before using up almost all of his stamina. This also means they are insanely powerful as he has no control over them. This is what his gun is for. The energy output can also be localised to make his fists explosive or to make himself explosive upon touch.
  The plasma can also be expelled from his body in its pure form and acts that way as a panacea. Digesting or otherwise getting this half-liquid in the body will restore it to its ideal form, erasing scars and freckles, mending bones and flesh. Extracting the plasma can be a problem however as syringes cannot penetrate his skin nor can John spit it or bleed it or sweat it.
  Though he has no eyes, he can see better than most: all ends of the light spectrum and even through solid objects. Most of the time, it’s dark inside his mind however. It’s exhaustive to continuously use his powers for seeing. He can use this power of sight to control what others see as well for evasive or frightening effect.
  A power that might be related to his vision is his memory. John cannot forget anything he has read or experienced. This does not make him infinitely wise however as it could take him days to sift through all his knowledge to find something specific. Another aspect of this is his power to copy anyone’s memories and store them in his own mind. If he so desires, he can in turn also manipulate the memories of others but he seems to be restricted to the visuals. This might mean it’s a power of his sight and not of memory.
  The “I” is a last resort of John’s and is an automatic response to near-death experiences. What the “I” is exactly is unknown but appears to some kind of inner demon. The effect is temporary and completely out of his control but has helped him to escape several sticky situations. The only visual difference is his eyes glowing red (even through the shades), the sudden ability to hover slightly above ground and speak without moving his lips.

Character relationships:
Younger brother to Lawrence, older brother to Ronnie and Amber, (mutual?) love interest of Shamira, friend of Maxwell
Pictures: [link]

Edit entry 10-11-12
Updated the sprite (paled the skin colour and gave him an accurate haircut) but now he looks a little silly :C
Updated the text as well.

If you like my oc's, you can find more in the enclosed link: [link]

Related pics: [link]
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martincrossbow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
I find this interesting. Very interesting:D However, there is one flaw - or at least I think so. "John has the strenght of an averagehuman who trains out a little" - isn't that supposed to be "works out a little"?
PeaceLovingMadman Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm. You know, you just might be correct! To the Universe Mobile! You mean Word? ...Yes
martincrossbow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
You corrected it:D
Just one more thing - "that" reffers to objects/items, whereas "who" reffers to people. So unless John is a thing, I'd have a look at that, too.
PeaceLovingMadman Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know what he is any more! He is not human, not angel, not animal, not a devil, not a stone. WHAT IS HE?
martincrossbow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Voldemort's nipple!:D
PeaceLovingMadman Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. Your comment is listed as posted In The Future!
martincrossbow Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
I know, that happens sometimes.... I've never seen it, but I've heard of it.
PeaceLovingMadman Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I screen shot it! You want it?
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